6 Tips to Stay Focused on Your Success

6 Tips to Stay Focused on Your SuccessApril 2, 2014


Success is one of those words that varies widely depending upon who you happen to be chatting with at any given time. At So Ready Designs, when we think of success the word THRIVE comes to mind. In fact, THRIVE is one of our favorite words, and it drives much of our efforts from the highs to the lows and the moments in-between. 

On the technical side, we like Webster Dictionary’s definition of thrive “to grow vigorously or luxuriantly, as a plant; to flourish.”  Grow vigorously, luxuriantly, to flourish? Sign us up! As much as we wish this for ourselves, so to do we wish this for our customers, our friends, our families and yes even the person ahead of us driving 25 mph in the 45 mph zone.

If one were to do a little understating one might say, “It’s tricky staying focused on thriving when the stresses of daily life take hold.” And we’d be the first to agree. Which is why in addition to wearing our thrive message, we’ve broken down the word into six areas of consideration to guide our thoughts and actions.

Here are our six tips to stay focused on success:

  1. T: Trust & Treat – trust yourself. As Henry Ford said, “the (wo)man  who thinks (s)he can and the (wo)man who thinks (s)he can’t are both right.” Also, be sure to treat yourself to a little nurturing – it not only feels great, it helps prevent chronic stress from damaging your health!
  2. H: Human Heart – yours is lovely – use it to its fullest potential.
  3. R: Revel & Receive – at any given moment find something to revel in yourself, in your experience. Also, stay open to receiving from others, they have much to share!
  4. I: Ignite & Inspire – think and act on that which ignites your fire. Your fire inspires others!
  5. V: Value & Veracity – get in touch with what you value within yourself and bring it to the table. Don’t let others limit you – only you know what you are capable of accomplishing.
  6. E: Express, Express, Express – express yourself! Your passions are worth expressing – especially with style!

At So Ready Designs we revel in our mission to help women express themselves in style! If you or a loved one is having trouble staying focused on your THRIVE, we invite you to check out our fashion t-shirtsgifts and accessories. We’ve got you covered!


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