I am ready for a Me Moment! How about you?

I am ready for a Me Moment! How about you?February 27, 2014


Here we are in the thick of February. Long cold nights, grey, grey days and way too many snow days leaves this mama a little less than on top of her game. Throw in a round of the stomach flu, and I find myself begging to be benched.

Why is it more often than not we wait until we are exhausted and down before owning the need for a little break, just a moment, just for me – a Me Moment? There is so much noise from the outside world telling us how to be, how to be better, how to look, how to look better. Here is a sampling of headlines I found through a quick internet search:

“Get Sexy Hair, Eyes & Lips,” “Chin Up! The Search for the Perfect Neck,” “Cook Like a Star”, “136 Ways to Raise a Creative Thinker,” “How to Look Ridiculously Good on 0 Sleep,” “Un-Spoil Your Child,” “Motivate Your Child,” “Perfect Dating Outfits,” “Healthy Foods You Shouldn’t Feed Your Family,” “Look Younger Instantly,” “Keep Your Family Flu-Free,” “Slash Your Family’s Bills,”  “What Your Ear Wax Says About You” and “65t Chic Ways to Play Up Your Body.”

Seriously, ear wax is now a determining factor of our self-worth? Exhausting! Yes, yes I love feeling good about myself, I love working hard, I love moments when I’m less judgemental and more empathetic. I love when I’m present with my kids or feel valued by my husband. I enjoy a clean house, a home cooked meal and feeling lovely. But these outside messages and expectations, even when they are meant to be helpful, can EXHAUST!

So my hope for you on this grey February day is that you treat yourself to a lovely Me Moment before the stomach flu hits, before the exhaustion sets in, before the frustration eats into your loveliness. I hope for just a moment today that you focus on you, treating yourself to a moment of delight before the demand for better has its way with you. And if you do give yourself the gift of a Me Moment, let us know how it went. For those of us who missed ours, perhaps we can share a little of your joy!


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