Nuture Yourself on a Budget

Nuture Yourself on a BudgetMarch 25, 2014


Nurturing self (AKA the Me Moment) is a frequent topic of conversation here at So Ready Designs. Why? Because Me Moments matter. So often we spin our wheels taking care of business and taking care of others that we fail to make the time to care for ourselves. And yet as we all know, when we take a moment out for ourselves we are happier, we are more effective, we are quite simply lovelier.

While there are plenty of reasons why we fail to take that essential Me Moment, a big one we hear is money. Spa days, dinners out, shopping, babysitters can all take a tole on the old wallet. Not surprising, the Me Moment plays second-fiddle to more pressing demands such as rent, groceries, college funds.

And while I’m a huge advocate of being money wise, I also enjoy feeling lovely as opposed to angry and spiteful. So you can well imagine my joy when I discovered that one of the fabulous things about Me Moments is that the free ones work just as well as pricey ones.

Here are five of our favorite free Me Moments:

  • Bath Time (yours, not the kids, not the dogs) followed up with lotion – don’t forget the feet
  • Books, books, and more books (have I mentioned my love and undying appreciation for libraries?)
  • Flowers from the garden (dandelions work in a pinch)
  • Light a candle, turn up the music and dance
  • A Walk (your neighborhood, a park, a trail, the Mall)

We are always looking for fabulous Me Moments, so if you have a favorite let us know!



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