About Us

The Founder

Inspired by the need for Me Moments, So Ready Designs was founded by mother of three, Suzanne Stratman. While ever thankful for her spirited daughters, this occasionally frayed mama found herself at times dreaming of the elusive Me Moment.

This dream has taken form in the Ready… So Ready® Tee – an eclectic line of t-shirts, accessories and gifts for women READY for that essential Me Moment.

Whether you are ready for a moment of pampering or personal power, our fashion t-shirts, accessories and gifts are designed to inspire, support and delight. We revel in our mission to help women express their passions with style!

The Penguin Story

In the great, wide state of Kansas a penguin (KP for short) was born. Black and white, the consummate of cool, KP personifies style! And yet, if one digs a little deeper, one finds this penguin, rooted in the heartland, is not just another pretty face.

Amidst the gentle roar of everyday living, playing nice and giving much to the roles of daughter, sister, wife, mamma, bread-winner, nurturer, KP hears the inner call of women, that quiet call for More.

“I am ready” says woman “so ready.” And this champion of women understands their call: more me, more time for me.

At So Ready Designs we call it honoring the Me Moment, and we are delighted to join forces with KP to offer women a line of custom t-shirts, accessories and gifts for women looking to express more of themselves with a bit of style.

We delight in our mission to embrace, engage and express more. Whether you are ready for a moment of pampering or personal power, we are here to help you express yourself with style.